Melrose Lane Series


Marine Firefighter

 Truth or Dare?

I talked to him on a dare. What was the harm? He wouldn’t remember an average-Jane tomorrow.

I thought she was gorgeous. This pixie of a thing touched my shoulder, and my world tipped on its axis.


When Nikki Sparks married, she thought it was “happily ever after”. Her husband had other plans. Two years after her divorce, and miles away from that life, she meets a man who could be her true forever if she is willing to take the chance.

Firefighter Will Braun left the Marine Corps to settle down close to his son. His goal was simple: find a place he can afford close to his firehouse where he can bring his son every other weekend. 

Will can’t believe his luck when he finds the perfect place and the perfect girl on the same day. Hoping to overcome her reluctance to embrace a ready-made family, he needs to convince her fast. Her past is coming for her.

Book One of the Melrose Lane Series

Marine Brother: A Christmas Novel

What happens on the run, stays there. Right?

My brother didn't deserve her, but that doesn't mean she's mine. He might be a terrible person, but clearly, we have the same taste in women.

I needed to get away from him. A way out. A solution that would keep both me and my son safe from harm. I never expected his brother to be the solution.


Theresa Braun is stuck. Mark is a man who doesn't take"no" for an answer and uses her son as leverage against her. Until,like an answer to prayer, his hotter-than-sin brother comes banging on her door looking for him.

Blake Banner is fed up. He tried to help his brother, but it back fired on him. He says he is determined to help Theresa to make up for his bad blood, but that is only one reason. He wants her to be his, but he knows he has to tread lightly or scare her away.

Mark Banner is bad news. The people who are after him are now after Blake and Theresa too. They want their money, one way or another, and Mark still thinks that he can manipulate one or both of them to pay off his debts. With a target painted on their backs from all sides, they skip town leaving Mark to sort things out for himself. It breaks Theresa's heart that to keep them both safe she has to send her son to live with his dad, and her one goal is to be home by Christmas. But Mark will stop at nothing to find them and ruin everything, including murder.

Book Two of the Melrose Lane Series

Marine Artist

Book Three of the Melrose Lane Series

Coming in 2019!


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